Disclaimer: Please note we have discontinued fresh applications for Dhani Credit Line. Customers will be informed once the services are resumed.
Dhani Credit line offers limit of up to Rs. 50,000 @ 0% interest
  • Allows you to divide your spends in 3 parts, repay only principal over 60 days
  • No bank mandate

You can use Dhani Credit limit for all your purchases at Dhani Store

Dhani Credit line is not a traditional credit card. It offers benefits like:
  1. Offers credit up to Rs. 50,000 @ 0% interest
  2. Convenient repayment with 3 Easy repayments
  • You will get an option to pay using credit while paying for your orders on Dhani Store
  • Once you chose Dhani Credit Line option for payment of orders, order value will be deducted from your daily credit limit
  • You need to repay credit used in three interest free EMI's
Every spend you make using Dhani Credit is automatically converted into 3 interest-free instalments spread over 60 days.
For example:
You make a transaction of ₹300 on 1st January
Your spend amount i.e. ₹300 gets converted into 3 interest-free instalments which you have to pay on Day 2, Day 30 and Day 60 from the date of your transaction
So your repayment cycle would be:
  • 2nd January - ₹100
  • 30th January - ₹100
  • 1st March - ₹100
You can view all the transactions relating to your Dhani credit line on the Dhani app in the Credit Line section by tapping on 'Due Now and Upcoming Dues' option.
Dhani Credit line can be used for all your transactions at Dhani Store
Yes, Dhani Credit line is completely safe as it can be used for purchases at Dhani Store only
You can repay for your transactions using multiple payments method including Dhani Wallet, Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI, and Net Banking.
Note: All the transactions you perform using Dhani OneFreedom are split into three interest-free EMIs. The 1st EMI is to be paid on the same day of doing the transaction, the 2nd EMI on the 30th day and the 3rd EMI on the 60th Day. The EMIs are not deducted automatically from your bank account, as Dhani trusts its customers to pay back their dues by using the app themselves.
Dhani OneFreedom card charges ZERO interest from its customers. The credit line is offered to customers for free provided repayments are made within due date.
You can get an annual membership by paying Rs. 500 which provides multiple benefits on dhanistore. All customers who have paid annual memnership get below benefits
  • Avail credit limit of up to 50,000 at 0% interest
  • 2% cashback on every purchase on Dhani Store
  • No minimum order value for free delivery on Dhani store
Your credit score is affected upon non-payment of Dhani credit. You are charged a Late fees after 1 day of your stipulated repayment date
No, you can't pay your credit card bills using Dhani credit line. It can be used for purchases at Dhani Store only
Yes, it is not necessary to have a credit history to get Dhani credit line
Yes, late payment fee is only charged in case of non-payment even after 1 day of your stipulated repayment date.
  • You need to enter your PAN and bank details on the app during onboarding for Dhani Credit
  • Once these details are verified, our agent will visit your current address to collect proof of address and proof of identity
  • Once we verifiy the documents submitted by you, we will make open the dhani credit limit for your consumptions
No, there are no hidden charges. Customers get a credit line of up to 50,000 @0% interest completely free.
Cashbacks depend on your spends on dhani store. The more you spend, the more cashbacks you can avail . We offer a 2% cashback on all transactions on dhani store.

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